Thursday, April 21, 2016

Behind Jeanne d'Arc Living

We just received a shipment of home textiles and clothing this week, which means lots of activity around here: unpacking, counting inventory, ironing and setting up for photos.
We're all in full swing. Here's a small sneak peek.

Check out all of the new items on our website.

- Vivian

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Like a Fairytale

Do you know that feeling when you arrive somewhere and your stomach does a flip? When it’s a place that’s somehow completely magical?
That’s how we felt when we first saw this ramshackle place where time appeared to have practically stood still. It had an untouched fairytale feel despite the fact that the owners had tried to renovate it a bit through the years. The main house as well as the dilapidated outbuildings were overgrown with ivy and the wild blackberries had overrun the yard. In several places, the plants had even pushed their way through the windows and into the house.

Feeling completely spellbound, we just had to own this place!

Reason would argue that it needed more than just a little TLC yet there was something compelling about it and we simply couldn’t let go of the thought. This place had such potential, too. And what an exciting project it would be to renovate an entire house in our very own style!

You’ll rarely find such an overgrown yard and a place where so many original features are preserved in spite of everything.
Like so many times before, we followed our gut feeling and our emotions, and Lonnie and I bought the place.

We got the keys in November, 2015, and the careful renovation is already in full swing. The plan is to turn the place into a true Jeanne d’Arc Living gem.
You’ll have the opportunity to follow the remodel in the magazine later this year. Starting in October, we’ll feature one room each month for about a year, showing in detail how this amazing place – which was about ready for condemnation – is being restored to favor. Until then I’ll post a few updates from there here on the blog.
We hope you’ll enjoy following the project!

Do you love room transformations?
I so, we're already well into our featured series in the magazine that follows the transformation of Jørgen and Lonnie's second floor. What was previously a drying loft has now been turned into several different rooms using secondhand materials throughout to make everything appear as original and authentic as possible. One of their main priorities has been bringing natural light into every room. Read on to find inspiration on how to maximize your additional square footage.

The pictures shown here are from the april issue of Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine. /Vivian

Friday, April 1, 2016

Wonderful April

We’ve probably mentioned it many times already but April is just one of the most wonderful months of the year here in Denmark. The expectations of the months ahead are practically bubbling up inside us. It’s such a beautiful thing when everything starts to bloom and we transition from the dark and cold of winter to lighter, warmer and greener days. Our hands are itching to get out into the garden and patio. To get started planting and fixing up. We can head outside to do some raking and weeding but we’ll have to use a bit of patience as far as planting goes. Most of us have had the experience – and some more times than others – of being seized with wanton excitement and falling for the amazing selection at nurseries and florists right now. Spent a lot of money and planted our pots and flower beds only to have a sudden night frost set in and kill everything. It’s such a shame. So this year we’re going to wait patiently and just start by getting ready for spring indoors: Make use of some of the wonderful plants inside and wait until the end of the month to plant outside. Begin with some of the hardier plants. Until then you can get set about doing some small, cozy projects to pass the time while you wait. In this issue we’re featuring an article with plenty of ideas and inspiration for how to make your own ”brocante” finds very inexpensively out of recycled materials, flea market finds and new materials, just using a bit of paint or making other small changes. We’ll also show you several other DIY projects that hint at the coming of spring, including a pretty planting table that’s perfect for preparing the coming months of gardening. Or perhaps you’ll be spending a Saturday sewing new pillows for the living room in true vintage style or playing around with wallpaper. The urge for renewal that seems to always be brought on by the arrival of spring can certainly be satisfied with small things. /Vivian