Monday, March 23, 2015

We are very lucky people

At our office, we are so very lucky that we have our very own flower arranger. Every month, Dorte creates the most beautiful and fantastic flower decorations for our magazine. She is a creative soul and hates to see things go to waste. Last time we did an article about flowers, Dorte transformed the remains into the most gorgeous Easter decorations. And now these decorations are spread throughout our premises, much to the joy of all JDL employees. What a difference it makes to have such a nice little pot of spring flowers and a bit of hay and shells on your desk. It is highly recommended.

Happy Easter everyone…/Vivian

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The first real day of spring...

We wait and wait and long for spring and then, suddenly, it is here. The first real day of spring... 2-digit temperatures, blue skies, sunshine, chirping birds and you cannot resist going outside, coffee mug in hand, when you have 5 minutes. Inside, you feel happy and you know your co-workers feel the same way. It so happened today that our skilled editorial office flower arranger, Dorte, and I had to go shopping for spring flowers for an article about flowers. The first real day of spring at our location. It felt so good going to all the local florists, browsing. Everywhere we went, we met expectant and happy people shopping for flowers and plants for their flower bowls and gardens. We must admit that the desire to fill the car and get started ourselves was very strong. If the weather holds, we will have ourselves a weekend project or two. It gives me great pleasure to sweep the steps and plant flowers in a bowl or two... And removing that last string of lights is probably about time, too! Happy Spring everybody…/Vivian