Friday, September 26, 2014


Suddenly autumn. In fact, autumn arrived from one day to the next. Here in Denmark the late summer has been really good to us, and September has been great. We even went to the beach last Saturday! The kids went swimming in the sea, and we enjoyed a couple of beach mat hours and a picnic. It was as warm as on an average Danish summer day. Just fabulous. We spent the mild, calm evening outside doing a BBQ. Three days later there was frost on the grass in the morning, and the kids wore gloves and woolly hats cycling to school. Today it’s also cold and rainy....the perfect weather for a cozy day indoors that makes you want to bake a cake, be creative, huddle together under some soft blankets, light some candles, read...Every season has its charm, and we are looking forward to some true autumn coziness in the months to come... /Vivian

Monday, September 8, 2014

Paint, paint, paint

At times we get so excited about something that we lose ourselves completely. This is what has happened with our Vintage Paint that we started selling in March this year. We just paint and paint…creating items both for the magazine and the inspiration that we bring you every month, for up-coming books and for ourselves.

When we get to work Monday mornings we speak all at once and are all excited to tell each other what we have created on the weekend because we just love to share our experience and ideas.

We get new ideas all the time, either in our editorial office or when a customer, a girlfriend or a reader asks us questions.

We are constantly working on new areas of application and new related products that will add further areas of application.

From now on several of our shops will offer product demonstrations and events where you can find out all you want to know about these products. /Vivian