Friday, June 20, 2014

On a cloudy day, I want to…

People like us can’t pass an entire summer without working on some indoor projects, of course. Although we enjoy the nice weather, the garden and the sea, the thought of doing something inside does have a certain appeal as well.

Over the past few weekends, Lonnie has been painting her living rooms using our new Vintage paint – and so she’s had a chance to confirm that it works excellently on walls…

I really want to line some of my glass cabinets with this new, transparent fabric. We’ve made the pattern with inspiration from old-fashioned cabinets that had similar patterns etched into the glass. To me, it’s pure nostalgia and there are so many possible applications.

The fabric also looks very nice as a table runner – or as screening in the bathroom.

Use double-sided tape to attach it – it takes almost no time at all./Vivian

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