Wednesday, February 19, 2014

16 lovely colors from JDL

One of the first things that Lonnie and I did when we started up the company almost 10 years ago was painting and patinating furniture.

Back then the completely matte paint that works so well for achieving the characteristic chalky look that so many pieces of old furniture has wasn’t so readily available. So we experimented with different types of paint and various methods for patinating.

No we finally have our very own paint – 16 lovely colors that go perfectly with the French-Nordic country style that we love so much!

We pretty much can’t stop celebrating. We’ve been painting and painting and painting some more … and patinating and debating.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming issues of the magazine in which we’ll bring you plenty of inspiration for how to use these wonderful colors. Personally I’ve fallen head over heels for this lovely “soft sand”, which fits my temperament perfectly. /Vivian

See all of the colors here:

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