Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Remember your Appointments

We're finishing up the new calendar for 2014. It's full of evocative pictures and fun quotes, not to mention plenty of room for writing in all of my plans for the new year. There's something nice about the thought of a whole new, unused year just waiting for me. What will it bring and what do I want it to bring? There's room for writing all of it down in this beautiful calendar. Our calendar will be published in Danish, Dutch and German and will be available in stores September 1st.
Wishing all of you an outstanding summer! /Rikke and Tina

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The sudden impulse

The preparations for a trade show usually begin at least one month before the show starts. But why spend an entire month when it can be accomplished in only 4 days. The sudden impulse to participate at the arts & craft fair immediately began. Everything was ready for departure on Wednesday morning, and right now we are working hard very hard to ensure that the booth will be ready by Thursday at 10 when the fair begins. We are really looking forward to greeting the many customers and showing them our new super beautiful fall collection from JDL. /Tina

Friday, August 9, 2013

On an Impulse

Sometimes you just have to leap at the opportunities that are constantly whizzing by without overthinking it. That’s what we did yesterday. A completely unexpected opportunity arose to have a couple of good stands included at the fall trade show for design, interiors and home accessories in Herning. Since we recently launched our clothing line and a brand new fall collection has actually been arriving just over the past few days, seizing the opportunity was a no-brainer.

When we do crazy things like that – and, let’s face it: we tend to sometimes – there’s suddenly a lot to do in a very short amount of time. It’s actually quite an amazing experience. Everyone works with dedication and focus to get everything done in time, and flexibility as well as spirit are both at top level.

Watch this space in the upcoming days and weeks for an update on how things are going down there…

Here’s a small sneak peak:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back at work

We are back again from our summerholliday. A new magazine is ready and in this month’s issue, you can read about an amazing place here in Denmark, in a smaller town by the name of Hobro. It’s the perfect place to get a delicious bite to eat and try their home-brewed beer. In connection with our visit there, they shared some of their recipes using beer with us. You have to try them!

We’re continuing our series of themes and this time we take a look at the dining room. Check out the very different decorating styles and find inspiration to transform your own home. /Tina