Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cozy Packing

Lately we’ve been receiving deliveries of clothing and jewelry several times a week.

When they arrive, many of us help to repackage the items. Everything must be repackaged in tissue paper and paper bags. We spend some enjoyable hours in the “packing room”, working across our usual “departments”. Some of the jewelry is produced here, in Jane’s workshop, other items arrive from abroad. They all have to be packaged in pretty boxes, which are then decorated with ribbon and our logo – it’s a lot of work but we’re proud to deliver the items so nicely packaged.

Keep an eye on our website – you’ll soon be able view our new models on there. Lonnie and I were just doing a photo shoot at the “pavilion”. In the next few days they’ll be available in stores. If you’ve fallen for a specific model, we’ll be happy to help you find the nearest retailer who has purchased it. You can call us weekdays between 9 am and 2 pm CET. /Vivian

Friday, June 21, 2013

My Little Paradise

I know I mention it often in this space … But I simply love this place where I live and work. To many people, Kondrup isn’t anything special. It’s not a ”hot” address. There’s neither ocean view nor much in the way of landscape. When the wind carries the wrong way, we can hear the freeway as if it were right in our back yard and that “countryside” smell regularly occurs.

And yet I just think it’s the most amazing place in the world and I feel so incredibly privileged. Our company is here as well, and on weekdays it’s like an ant farm around here with people swarming everywhere – in fact there’s 23 of us working here at the moment. Our jobs vary greatly. Exciting projects are always underway for the magazine and production of our handmade products and the warehouse is buzzing with activity.

If the weather is nice after everyone is gone for the day, we sometimes walk around the back to sit by the pasture behind the buildings. It’s a place to just be yourself surrounded with only the horses, birds and fields. Later on we might take a walk down the narrow dirt roads, and sometimes we lay down and look up at the sky – at the clouds or the windmills spinning around. We’ll continue our walk and then stop for a chat with one or several of the other residents in town.
It’s all part of what makes this my little paradise. What’s yours? Send us a photo and a story about your paradise and we might just feature it on our blog. /Vivian

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cake Party

Today we're having a "cake party" here at Jeanne d'Arc Living. Several of our employees have made their best layer cake and brought it in. It's all going to be part of an article for the magazine next year. Here's a sneak peek - doesn't it look delicious?

Later today, once Dorte has finished photographing them all, we'll all get together for a sampling. Just one of the advantages of doing all those food articles. After all, we need to know that the recipes we include yield tasty results! YUM ... /Vivian

Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Reunion

Today something happened that has actually happened quite a few times before: A former employee came back and applied to work here again. That’s always nice of course. Then everyone knows what they’re getting themselves into.

But what I wanted to tell you about is something she said. It must be said that she was one of the first girls to work in the company when we first started up almost 10 years ago. One thing that she finds admirable about JDL is that back then, we emphasized that we will not compromise on the style. We loved – and still love – the French/Nordic country style. It’s just such a big part of us that we have always insisted that we won’t change course along the way.

But of course that’s easy to say when you’re just starting out. Times change and your own personal taste might change as well. But in fact we HAVE stuck with it through all these years. And she was really impressed with that. You know where you’ve got us – she said. I was really happy to hear that. After all, it’s not something we give much thought to or talk about in our day-to-day work. To us that’s just how it is. We wouldn’t dream of going for the latest trends just because someone dictates it. Naturally, new things happen within the style as well but the foundation stays the same. And we’re pretty proud of that.

Wishing you a lovely summer day out there. /Vivian

The sun shines almost everyday here at Jeanne d'Arc Living.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer, Summer, Summer

We’re now entering a wonderful season, and we’re so looking forward to summer. Here in Denmark the summer weather can be a bit fickle though but our expectations of warm days and the sun shining from a clear sky are high. And for those days we’d like to bring you some good tips for easy grilling. After all, it should be easy so you still have time to enjoy the nice weather when it’s finally here.

We’ve thrown ourselves into the art of wickerwork. It requires a bit of patience, but I’m sure that practice will make perfect. And it does look great. Wicker can be used to make many pretty things – the only limit is your imagination.
Enjoy! /Tina