Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Home-built JDL garden frame

This year I’ve planted plenty of basil and thyme in my old, home-built JDL garden frame. They’re our favorite herbs. Before long, it will abound in fresh, crisp leaves that only grow more and more, the more I pick.
I use the basil continuously throughout the season to make pesto, which I freeze in appropriate portions. This way I have enough for the whole winter. We use it for grilled meat, with pasta, on bread, in salad, stirred into sour cream as a dip or tossed with new potatoes.

I cut the thyme and freeze the stalks whole. Then they’re ready to be stripped right into tomato sauces, meat dishes, etc./Vivian

Traditional Basil Pesto

Serves 4

1 deciliter Oil
50 gram roasted Pine Nuts
2 - 4 large coarsely chopped Garlic
5 handfuls fresh Basil leaves
Roughly 50 g grated, fresh Parmesan Cheese
1 tsp Salt

Blend everything together evenly. Pesto can be eaten with everything from past with shrimp, to pizza and new potatoes to sandwiches and with salads, etc.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Plant Exchange

It’s an amazing time of year right now with all of nature in bloom. Color begins to enter the landscape once more, birds are singing and you breathe in all the smells. We simply love it here at JDL. And we’re itching to get a lot done outside…

These days, Lonnie and I are working on a secret… It has to do with plants – lots of plants and lots of something else. It’s gonna be good – I can tell you that! But that’s all I can say :)

Somewhat relevant to that, I’ve been working on removing some flower beds and moving a lot of things around in my yard. That’s how I ended up with quite a few leftover perennials, including a number of poppies, which were supposed to be white and burgundy – but turned out bright orange, a color that definitely doesn’t go with the rest of the colors in my yard. So they had to go. Luckily, they were able to spread joy in several other places.

I have a good friend with whom I always trade perennials, both when each of us has something we don’t want anymore and if something can be split or is suitable for reproduction by cuttings. This way we both get many more plants for our gardens without any expense.

I got an abundance of strawberry plants in return, among other things – a whole wheel barrow full of them in fact! Since I don’t have a vegetable garden, I’ve filled a pallet with soil and planted them there. Now they sit right by my back stairs, and I can already picture the children’s excitement when they see the first berries. /Vivian