Thursday, January 31, 2013

A good thing bears frequent mentioning…

Something that always raises our spirit around here by several degrees is CAKE! We’ll use any occasion or excuse.
This morning, Jane surprised us all by bringing in her amazing, homemade Strawberry Roll – pretty much the best cake ever! The occasion? The fact that it’s finally thawing outside.

Later in the day, we actually had even more to celebrate as our Facebook page reached 12,000 Likes! We’re kind of proud of that…

We’ve shared the recipe before, but here it is one more time:

Strawberry Roll

What you need:
8 oz (200g) Marzipan
8 oz (200g) Egg Whites
12 oz (300g) Sugar
4 oz (100g) Hazel Nut flakes

4 1/4 C (l ltr.) Whipping Cream
20 oz (500g) Strawberries

What you do:
Knead the marzipan with 50 g egg whites. Beat 150 g egg whites until they are stiff. Carefully fold the sugar into the egg whites. Fold in the marzipan. Spread the dough out onto a piece of baking paper measuring 33 x 40 cm. Sprinkle hazel nut flakes on top. Bake for about 15 minutes at 180°C. When the bottom has cooled off completely, flip it over onto a new sheet of baking paper so that the nuts are facing down. Spread the whipped cream and strawberries thickly on the bottom. Use baking paper to roll the roulade. Decorate the tray with strawberries before serving.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flowers & Brocante

The February issue of the magazine just landed on my desk, fresh off the press. Luckily, around here it’s OK to drop everything to become completely engrossed in the magazine. Even though we work on each issue for up to several months before it goes to the press and have actually seen both the pictures and the text countless times on our computers, it’s not at all the same thing as holding the finished result in your hand. Each page is often studied with a critical eye in search of errors or omissions. But happily it is also the case that we often find, with ill-hidden pride, that the printed article perfectly reflects everything that we wanted to convey.

On article in the February issue of which I am particularly proud is the one about poppy anemones. As a floral decorator I obviously need to be objective in my choice and use of flowers. With 12 issues of the magazine published each year, a certain variation is required. But I can’t pretend like I don’t have my own personal favorites – a fact which often shines through in the result. Poppy anemones are my springtime favorite! I love its delicate appearance and the variation of color. It can stand alone like few others and although its flowers open up quickly when brought inside, it actually does keep.

I love using poppy anemones with other spring flowers, but I especially like to use it in very simple arrangements, preferably with nature’s own materials. The table decoration with cut clematis vines and test tubes holding poppy anemones is sure to be a hit with everyone. It’s simple and elegant. The only person who didn’t like the display was Vivian – because it was her clematis that had to lay down its vines! But we all must make our sacrifices for the good of the magazine. /SUSANNE

Monday, January 21, 2013

Exciting News

Our newly-arrived chandeliers will be in stores very soon!
Here hardworking with boxes is Helle, Kristian and Jørgen.

We've had them made with glass prisms and in different sizes to fit in anywhere. Without a doubt many of us here will be bringing home one or two ourselves.

Wishing you a lovely week - we'll still enjoying the gorgeous winter weather here! /Vivian

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

King Winter

Winter has returned to Denmark in earnest and to JDL. When you're warm and cozy inside, it's an amazing sight to see outside our windows. We sent Tina out to take a few photographs out there.

At the moment, we're in full swing making our Easter items. As always, production takes place right here, and many of us are busy making decorations year-round. The products will be in stores before long. If possible, these collections may actually be even bigger and more beautiful than ever. Our amazing creative team has done it again! Here's a small peek at what they're working on.

Winter Greetings from JDL

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Wonder Remedy

Sometimes you can literally spend years being slightly irritated by some simple matter which you just can't quite figure out how to solve.

That's how I've felt about cleaning bottles and carafes. I think it's so nice to pour water or homemade juice into the fancy bottles that French lemonade comes in. Or use old milk bottles for juice and milk on the breakfast table. It creates a bit of that cozy, nostalgic atmosphere which I like so much.

Last time we had company over, I used a small, glass apothecary bottle to serve the milk for our coffee – much to the delight of my guests.

But in the past, my big problem has been cleaning the tricky little things. I don't want to compromise on hygiene, especially with old, secondhand items – you can't always be sure what they've previously been used for. A regular bottlebrush just wasn't always sufficient.

It was actually some time ago that I received the good advice about using BAKING POWDER.

It came up again here at the magazine just before Christmas as we were writing an article about using old apothecary bottles in your decorating. They're quite decorative, but it would be a bit of a pity to not use them for beverages as well.
Sprinkle one tablespoon of baking powder into the bottle and add warm water (but not boiling or the bottle might burst). Leave the bottle for a few days, and the inside will be spotlessly clean.

Now you can use the bottles for any kind of beverage with peace of mind. /Vivian