Thursday, August 16, 2012

Christmas has come

We’re very proud to present this year’s amazing Christmas book, A Touch of France from the Jeanne d’Arc Living publishing house. The book will be in stores from September 1st, 2012 and contains 160 pages of photos, text and recipes for delicious Christmas goodies. The layout was done by our talented graphic designer, Helle, who has lovingly put together the book’s content and design. Some of the book’s features include “Traditional Danish Christmas,” inspiration for Christmas in “the French home” and tips for a Natural Christmas. We hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it. You can find A Touch of France at your local Jeanne d’Arc Living retailer. /Vivian

Jeanne d'Arc Living is live in Sweden

These days, Jeanne d'Arc Living represented at the Formex Fair in Stockholm. Rasmus here from the company are ready to meet all the retailers in the North. Come by and say hello and see the all fine things. The fair is unfortunately not open to private.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Flea Market Field Trip

One thing about our work here at the editorial office that can be both frustrating and wonderful is the freedom to make changes in our planning and schedules. It can be a necessary evil in case of inclement weather - like the morning when Lonnie and I had spent the night on the island of Funen in order to head out to photograph a beautiful garden in the morning.

We were woken up by a huge thunderclap at 5.30 am. We spent the next few hours at the small, cozy B&B enjoying our breakfast, waiting for the storm to blow over – except it just didn't. The thunder kept rolling and the rain was coming down so we had to go back home empty-handed. It actually happens quite often that bad weather gets in the way of our work and forces us to revise our plans. Or we're waiting for items that we need for the photos and have to postpone the shoot :-(

Other times, we enjoy the freedom to change things up. One summer morning, we were sitting on Lonnie's patio enjoying a cup of coffee. When out on a shoot, it's tradition that we sit down to plan the day's articles – what do we need to accomplish today, who's in charge of what, where are we going to take pictures, etc. The sun was shining from a clear, blue sky. We talked about how a day like that is just too nice to head inside to just sit and work. How about we wait until tomorrow to put together those food articles?

We felt a bit like school children playing hooky. But before we knew it, we were on our way –giggling – out into the Danish summer incredible feeling.
We stopped at every flea market that we came across on our way (isn't there so many times when you want to do that but you never really have the time? – you're always heading somewhere and need to be there by a certain time, or maybe you've got the family in tow and they don't want to stop).
But that day, we had the time. We weren't looking for anything in particular since it was all very "spur of the moment."

We LOVED to just browse through the shelves and nooks of each place looking for treasures. After a long visit to Fidus Antik in the hamlet of Als, where we purchased several items, we continued on to Øster Hurup to visit the big flea market that takes place there every Tuesday and Thursday – a land of milk and honey for anyone who loves antiques and other treasures. Next, we headed to the harbor for a lunch of freshly caught fish. A day like that brings so much new energy and inspiration. We were completely elated from the "harvest" of the day and could hardly wait to get home to set it all up and photograph all our great stuff.

You'll get the first look at some of it in the October issue./Vivian

(B&B – Hanne Stoffregen, phone +45 2945 1439 – a really lovely place and excellent service. Breakfast basket with freshly baked bread, milk in an old-fashioned milk bottle and beautiful, fresh peonies.)